How to Check Your Wife`s Text Messages Online

Are you wondering what your wife might be up to? Do you feel like she is hiding something from you? Do you want to know how to check my wife`s text messages online?

Does your wife have a smart phone like an iPhone, Blackberry, or an Android (just to name a few)? Do you have a popular phone carrier like T-Mobile, AT&T, Alltel, Verizon, or Sprint (also to name a few)? If you answered yes, than I can show you how to check the messages online. With smart phone spy software like Mobile Spy, you can check the text messages, and much more online.

Text Messages

How to check my wife’s text messages online is really simple with MSpy. Your account with this website is protected with a user name and password. It is also stealthy. Even if the messages are deleted by your wife, they will still be recorded into your account for you to view. No sneaking the information under MSpy’s radar; or yours with your account.

Phone Calls
Learning how to check my wife’s text messages online is only the tip of the iceberg with Mobile Spy. This program also records all incoming and outgoing phone calls to that phone. It includes basic information like who they called, when they called, and how long the call lasted.

Photos & Videos
Besides the fact that you now know how to check my wife’s text messages online, you will also see all the photos and videos taken by your wife’s phone. All of these will be uploaded using the phone’s internet capabilities into your account at Mobile Spy. I cannot promise that you will want to see all of these, but they will be there.

Along with everything else listed above, you will also get a GPS location on your wife’s phone every thirty minutes. So, even if she doesn’t use her phone for those thirty minutes; you will still know where she is.

No Hidden Cost – Or Trail
With MSpy, unlike some other software programs, you will not get forwarding costs. Some companies forward all the messages from the phone to your account. This also leaves a trail on the phone of outgoing messages, not to mention the additional cost of paying for every message twice. With Mobile Spy you will not get these charges, and your wife will never know that the information is being sent from her phone.

MobileSpy Can Help You With the Following:

-SMS recording / Text messages
-Videos recorded
-Pictures taken
-Call details
-Web urls visited
-Logs summary


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