How To Check Text Messages Online (AT&T Compatible)

How To Check Text Messages Online (AT&T Compatible)

When I contacted them to request that I be able to check text messages online, AT&T weren’t very co-operative. Basically, they informed me that it was against the prevailing privacy laws to release the information to me, even if it was my own phone. Because of these laws, they do not store the texts on their servers as it may present a risk that their employees may read them. The only thing that they can show me is the date and time that each message was sent, and that’s it. So imagine if they’re not capable of allowing you to check your own texts, they certainly won’t let you check anyone else’s either.

Possible To Check Text Messages Online, AT&T Included?

Privacy concerns aside, I believe that there’s another reason why you can’t check text messages online, AT&T or any other provider included. That’s because there are millions of texts sent every single day, and if they were to try to store all of them, it would be extremely expensive to say the least. And if they were to store them and say someone hacked into them like they did with Sony’s network, then the leaked texts would create a very, very bad fallout indeed.

A friend of mine actually wanted to request her spouse’s texts because she was concerned that he was cheating, but of course the phone company gave her the same spiel about the privacy laws. She basically wanted access to his texts to check text messages online, AT&T wouldn’t let her. She would sometimes randomly check his phone, but of course there was no incriminating evidence on the phone. She was still suspicious though, because as we all know texts can be deleted. Recently, I caught up with her again and she told me about a new solution she had discovered.

How My Friend Was Able To Check Text Messages Online, AT&T And Other Providers

The solution she used is called Mobile Spy, and basically if you install it on any smart phone it allows you to check text messages online (AT&T and any other provider included) on that phone. What it does is to make a backup of all the data sent and received on the phone, which includes texts, call logs, pictures, videos and even the hourly GPS location of the phone. If you’d like to check text messages online, AT&T plan or otherwise, you should try this unique app out!

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