How to Check Text Messages Online

How to Check Text Messages Online

Do you want to know how to check text messages online?

Yes it is possible.

You will need the following items; a smart phone, computer, internet connection, and smart phone spy software. Many of these are pretty basic, but for the smart phone spy software I would recommend mSpy.

This software is the answer! This program will tell you everything:

More Than Text

This software does record text messages of the phone you bug, but it does much more than that. It also records all incoming and outgoing phone calls to that phone, all photos and videos taken by the phone, and a GPS location every thirty minutes. It does all this using the internet capabilities of the phone.

Works Independently

This  works independently and with complete stealth. This means that even if the person tries to delete it, it’s still recorded. Even if they try to be sneaky, you will see how easy it is to find out how to check text messages online. Nothing will get by you with this software.


Private Account

Just because you are learning how to check text messages online, doesn’t mean you want anyone else to be able to check them. With mSpy the information from the phone is uploaded right to your account. You will need to log into this account with your user name and password. This ensures that others are less likely to be able to get to your information. You will also be able to access this information from anywhere as long as you have internet connection and can log in. This is great if you can’t always access the information from home.

No Forwarding Costs

Some smart phone spy software charges forwarding fees. They forward everything from the phone to a data bank online. This leaves a trail on the phone, as well as charging the phone twice for the same message. Needlessly to say this can get pretty expensive. With Mobile Spy you will not get those costs while you learn how to check text messages online. It also leaves no trail on the phone for the other person to discover. Not something you want to happen. If you did you wouldn’t tell them you bugged their phone.

Will give you the following information:

-SMS recording / Text messages
-Call details
-Pictures and Videos taken with the phone
-Web urls visited
-Logs summary

It does not matter what your reason is, maybe you want to check your own text messages online or maybe you want to find out what your spouse or child is up to.

If you suspect that somebody close to you is hiding something, you need to find out the truth.

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